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Ian Ignatov

New AMD Navi 14 Leak Hints At Entry-level Graphics Cards In The Future

According to the leaker, two unnamed variants are to be expected. The first variant has a TGP of 146W, which is quite high even for a mobile graphics card. This GPU would have a memory bus of 192-bit, the same as desktop variants. This means that the graphics cards based on this GPU could offer 6GB of 12GB of GDDR6 memory.

New AMD Navi 14 leak hints at entry-level graphics cards in the future

A remarkable story unfolded last April where it seemed that an intrepid explorer of the 3DMark benchmark database stumbled upon preliminary testing for a new gaming processor from AMD dubbed 'Gonzalo' - almost certainly a codename for work-in-progress PlayStation 5 silicon. The notion of a PC benchmark database yielding top secret information about an upcoming next-gen console seems implausible - but further leaks over the last few days not only back up the Gonzalo story but also deliver new details about the graphics core of the new machine. On top of that, the leak also contains tantalising hints about the technical make-up of the Xbox Series X GPU too. 350c69d7ab


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