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Jo Paciello - Too Many Times LINK

There are many situations where we can have WCAG 2.0 AA compliance, but you still need the user feedback. We did negotiations with the major credit reporting companies in the United States to make sure that blind people could get their credit reports in accessible formats. They had a very unique catch at the time.

Jo Paciello - Too Many Times

Many presentations from internal accessibility groups talked about efforts to work more closely with product and UX teams from the start. And when I asked the audience in one session how many of them had run or observed usability testing, most of the hands went up. Breaking down the silos is a good place to start.

The story then, can perhaps be summed up in a similar manner as Holzschlag has done, viewing the evolution of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines v.2, (within the wider evolution of the Web itself) as a heterogeneous web of competing interests and conflictual relations, between i) a scientific/academic class intent on high-level abstraction and adhering to rules of citation-based reputational power, ii) a vocal and sometimes unnecessarily pugnacious practitioner community struggling to have a say in the formation of the standards they must work with, and iii) the financial muscle of multinational corporate interests. Tellingly, the voices of disabled people for whom all this work is supposedly being done, were barely heard at all. 041b061a72


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