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Wpa Tkip Crack ^HOT^ How To Prank It Up

For this attack we need a tool called aircrack-ng, aircrack-ng is more of a suite actually, containing many tools to assess Wi-Fi network security.Aircrack-ng suite comes pre-installed inside the Kali Linux Distribution which I'll be using for all my hacking tutorials and real-life attack posts.

wpa tkip crack how to prank it up

Until now, we have discussed WiFi password hacker apps & password breaker tools that could help us in cracking or stealing the hotspot password. With WPA2 encryption, most of the time, it is difficult to hack the password.

Inside Kali OS, There are different hacking modules for different purposes. Aircrack-NG is the most widely used wireless hacking suite (module) in the world. It comprises a complete set of tools that can be used for manoeuvring and cracking WiFi networks.

Despite being the most advanced hacking suite, it is sometimes very slow in cracking passwords. To compensate for the slow speed, researchers have developed another wireless hacking tool called CoWPAtty which is an alternative for Aircrack-NG but often hackers use both to get optimal results. I.E. CoWPAtty can be used to speed up cracking WPA2 passwords by implementing a dictionary or brute force attack.

To simplify your job, You need a fast and reliable multi-core CPU. Given the infinite number of possible combinations for a password, you cannot process the software on a normal CPU. The cores in the CPU make a difference. Opt for a multi-core processor before initiating the password cracking process.


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