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Infitech 2 Texture Pack

Come ahead and join us on our second playthrough of Jason McCrays Infitech2. We are 3-5 core players and looking for more to join us this time around, the pack is hosted on a dedicated server and ought to be around for the forseeable future!

Infitech 2 Texture Pack

GregTech ore blocks do not work exactly like other ore blocks. Most mods treat their ores as single blocks, with nothing special to them except for the few that must be silktouched or can be fortune mined. All GregTech are non-ticking MetaTileEntities, defined not by block ID or metadata but by TileEntity data. Each of these TEs contains only two variables: the internal ID of the ore, and a True/False boolean denoting whether the ore block was placed by world generation or by other means. This is mainly used to determine whether or not a Small Ore's drops can be enhanced by a Fortune pick. Their being TEs though has some unfortunate consequences: not all mods are prepared to deal with TE ore blocks, and so GregTech ores are not always mined by other mods' automated mining systems. (For example, for several months, the IC2 Miner could not mine GregTech ores.) The most unusual consequence of the ores being MetaTileEntities is that GregTech MTE rendering is done by combining a base texture with an overlay. When viewed at steep angles, those overlays can exhibit some odd rendering behavior, either looking like black lines, white lines, or oddly transparent. It's hard to say exactly what the visual effect looks like, but once you've seen it once or twice you come to realize that it looks wrong, and that its looking wrong is a telltale sign of the presence of ore.

Note: If Custom Ore Generation or Per Fabrica Ad Astra: Geologica are installed, GregTech will disable its own ore generation and use COG or PFAA generation. COG contains default configurations for GregTech ores, and PFAA contains its own forms and generation patterns for even more ores than GregTech generates by default.This also means that any mod pack containing Custom Ore Generation, such as the upcoming FTB Resurrection, will not entirely follow these patterns.

Name: The name given to the mix in configuration. This does not have an effect in-game.Density: How tightly packed the ores are in a vein. Lower values can cause small gaps between ore blocks.Max Height: The maximum height at which the vein can generate.Min Height: The minimum height at which the vein can generate.OrePrimaryLayer: Metadata value of the Primary ore in the veinOreSecondaryLayer: Metadata value of the Secondray ore in the veinOreSporadiclyInbeween: Metadata value of the Inbeween ore in the veinOreSporadiclyAround: Metadata value of the Around ore in the veinRandomWeight: How likely it is for this vein to spawn. The higher this value is, the better the chance. This value is relative to the total of the RandomWeight values of all the ore veins. The default configuration has a total weight of 1850, so for example,a vein with a RandomWeight of 160 has a 160/1850 (8,6%) chance to spawn per generation attempt.Size: The maximum area an ore vein can occupy. A vein with a Size of 0 will always occupy a 16x16 block area, while a vein with a Size of 32 can occupy an area up to 80x80 blocks.Overworld: Can this vein generate in the Overworld? (True/False)Nether: Can this vein spawn in the Nether? (True/False)End: Can this vein spawn in the End? (True/False)

If you do look, you will notice that GregTech contains many, many more ores than it generates by default. If you want the ores, you need only add custom Mixes for them.Ores can be told whether or not to generate on a dimension-by-dimension basis. By default, this only includes the Overworld, Nether, and End, but when other mods add dimensions, once those dimensions' ore generation has been triggered at least once, configuration lines for them will be created.For example, in a mod pack containing Twilight Forest and Extra Utilities, you may see this set of lines in an ore generation configuration entry:

Please check those resource pack pleasemissing pack.mcmeta file in the 1.6.4 versionmissing assets folder in the 1.6.4 versionthat makes you have to change something in the zip before you try to use it

REPOST means:1.Clarified origin author name which is YOU. (I'm just a "reposter")2.Clarified origin URL link could reach to this thread directly.3.Obey EULA with no conditions.4.Never re-package this resource pack.5.A free/ad-free Chinese net-disk download link to boost download speed(No cent could be earn I promise).

Hey NoVAlinK!I'm big fan of your awesome resource pack, thus, I would request a license from you to REPOST this resource pack to almost most biggest minecraft forum in China(as we called MCBBS).

Version 23.12.2020Info:-After the update the "one Ring" will give you over time a lot of perm warp. Better not wear this ring for a longer time in the future.New Mods:-Forgelin 1.8.4-GTNH-Modmixins 0.0.3-Witchery Extras 1.0.1.jarRemoved Mods:-Aquacreeper 1.0.1Mod Upgrade:-Adventurebackpack 0.9-h15-GTNH-AngerMod-1.7.10-0.6.1-Appliedenergistics2 rv3-beta-35-Bartworks 0.5.14-Better Questing 3.0.337-GTNH-Binnie Mods 2.1.2-GTNH-Blood Magic 1.3.3-43-Carpenter's Blocks 1.7.00-Craft Tweaker 3.2.2-GTNH-Electro Magic Tools IO beta-Enhanced Loot Bags 1.0.4-Eternal Singularity-1.0.4b-Extra Cells 2.4.6b9-Forestry 3.0.22-GTNH-full-GalaxySpace-1.1.7-GTNH-Gregtech Scanner Mod 1.5.9-Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.8.7-Holoinventory 2.1.5-beta-GTNH-Iguana Tinker Tweaks Mobs-1.7.2-GTNH-Irontanks 1.2.0-Jabba 1.2.7-Kekztech 0.5.2-Magicbees 2.5.5-GTNH-Natura 2.4.1-dev-Nodal Mechanics 1.1-4-GTNH-Not Enough Items 2.0.6-GTNH-Open Blocks 1.6.3-Open Computers Glasses-1.1-GTNH-Open Modular Turrets-2.2.11-245-Pam's Harvestcraft Lb-1.0.2-GTNH-ProjectRed-1.7.10-4.7.0pre13.9-SGCraft 1.13.8-GTNH-Special Mobs 3.3.7-Spice Of Life 2.0.0 carrot-beta-6-Standard Expansion 3.0.183-GTNH-Steves Factory Manager A97-GTNH-Tinkers Construct- 4.10.0-Thaumic Based 1.4.23-0-Thaumicenergistics Exploration 1.1.75-0-Thaumic Horizons Gear-1.16.7-Twilightforest Singularities-8.6.2-WAILA Plugins Theory 1.1.0-GTNH-Wireless Crafting Terminal- Gadgets 1.2.13Mod Changes:Adventurebackpack 0.9-h15-GTNH-fix Forestry Worktable + Traveller's Backpack crashing gameAngerMod-1.7.10-0.6.1-mobs don't explode on spikesAppliedenergistics2 rv3-beta-35-Update cards.recipe-Add recipes for Pattern Capacity Card. The recipe matches the existing one written through the code.-Crafting only extract energy when it was able to push the pattern.-Fixed Waila header-fix Interface should not try to craft negative amounts-GT EU P2P support. Partial credits to Ultramine author.-Simplified GT EU P2P, to be ampere/voltage transparent-Added ability to rename AE blocks/parts in-place-P2P may be renamed and the name is visible in Waila-Write p2p name to the memory card-GT power sink added-Energy buffer sizes increased with usage multiplier-Experimental timing support for some AE tiles-Network tool shows wrong power drain in tooltip-GT power sink was returning left amperes instead of used-Formation plane fixed for parts and fireworksBartworks 0.5.14-Added Special interface-fix(Bartworks)recipes fixing two recipes Formic Acid Creates Sodium/Sulfur Positive Loop #6437-Renamed Casings-added GT++ warning-updated TT-fixed forestry capsules-fixed eic-Split WerkstoffLoader into seperate Files-Fixed overclock underflow-Fixed TT debug code-Fixed autogenerated Casings-Change max height to 56 Since 5x11(max DT outputs)=55+1(for bottom)=56. Unless I'm missing something. Or did it wrong.-Repaired FloodGate-ompletely overhauled flood-gate-UpdatedGradle to 5.6.4-Fixes Server Crash-Fixes a bug where only 1Item is in stack-Quick render crashfix-Update Fix CAL Overclocking issuesBetter Questing 3.0.337-GTNH-Changed scroll to zoom logic to be more practical-Improved scroll to mouse-Add mod option to zoom in/out to cursor. Setting these to false will make zooming behave more like the normal BQ version, except with multiplier zoom.-Fit designer view to quest line upon opening-Don't lerp X/Y in designer either (zoom becomes weird with it)-Fit view to questline contents on opening designer (as normal gameplay questline does)-Add button to zoom to fit in designer as well, in case you get lost-Possible fix for wrong time-Add tooltip warning while edit mode enabled-Add new visuals for quests that can be repeated-Fix typo in en_US.lang-Add confirmation dialog to claim all button-Add claimAllConfirmation to config-Add "Yes, always" claim all option-Fix config entry description-Quick fix for crash with repeatable quests with lines attached-Extend quest api-Fix for tooltipBinnie Mods item nameBOP 2.1.2-GTNH-Update fps increase. It is not useful to calculate 1600 times per frame only to get newest fogx and fogz. 10% chance of this calculate per frame in another thread will be fine.-Update giant fir tree plantable and 5 fir sampling to grow. It is a BOP fix mod content but that mod uses asm and is a coremod.Blood Magic 1.3.3-43-added a way to define meteors in json in config/BloodMagic/meteors/ - added BM meteor 'cost' to MineTweaker API-try to update BM to newest Craft tweaker versionCarpenter's Blocks server crash when safe is broken by another player during usage. [vagola]Chisel-release-17-GTNH-Add missing localizations-Remove chiseling to 2nd type-Add more durable chisel (Netherstar)-fix name-add scrolling to chisel gui when variants do not fit screenCoreMod 1.7.00-Added remaining Bacteria from Binnie's to GT Brewing machine-Confirm the recipes are working and crafted fluid is accepted by Binnie's Machines.-Update voltage to be a more suitable number?-info(Core Mod) add info Text-add Quest Book info text to starting menu-change(Computronics)recipes-put the un nerfed recipes in Core Mod Code-feat(Core Mod)add more Autoclave recipes-add new Autoclave recipes using molten void and a output of 100%-Adjust distilled water amount crystal #6405-Add deploader functionality-1. Load stuff to download from config/dependencies.json. Format is as below.-Add ore dictionary for sand and red sand to craft unfired coke bricks. Issue 6623.-feat(iron Tanks)add gt recipes into code-fix(iron Tnaks)recipes-fix LUV-UEV Scanner recipes-addition(IC2)add recipes for Neutron Reflector-Add alternate recipes for reflector parts for mass crafting #6719-Chlorine cleaning of pistons-Fix name of α Centauri Bb dust, there is no A, regardless of what the internal name is-Add oredict tag to CentauriASurfaceDust-I'm not sure if this just add the dustSpace, or the planet one as well, but it's a step forward if it works? See -Hide some items in NEI-Nerfed PRS Blast Resistance-Added warning about FQ and PRS-fix wrong PA meta-fix the wrong meta range for thermal centrifuge and centrifuge cousing the there recipe maps to be switched when using LuV+-Reuse warding focus when crafting warded glass-forge bus not needed-100 -> 144 for pico wafer-improve-wet/bio-ware-recipe-addForestry) Info Text-Things that need fixing in the dev version #6887-Add ore registry handling for new Enceladus Ice-move coble imlosion recipe-line wrap change, add details-make growth medium cheaper on higer tier fluid-Added ardite ingot to block recipe in the compressor-make some agar recipe cheaper-make bio processor assline recipe better-some time improvment on neuro circuits-Add macerating recipe to encel ice for slush, rename ice dust to slush-Check for GT++ jar properly, also fix DEgg enderium #4410-#6401 Add oxygen-Update to move TC metals to Core Mod-Try a fix for Tinkers Aluminium Brass.-Witchery integration first step-The Large TinkerScript move-Fix cauldron NPE-change kettle recipe for Infusion of Otherwhere-Add new chest loot to tf chests-add(TF)add loot to Hill and Tower chests-changed where the loot tables are loaded-feat(Gravisuit)Relocator got Ass Line recipe-Fix cauldron recipe addition-Add helper methods to remove kettle recipe-add(Witchery)Kettle and Spinning Wheel recipe-fix(Witchery)Chalk Cauldron recipes change-Change multi TT to new format-add(Tinkers Construct)Gel to rubber ecipes-added Gel to rubber recipe for Gren and Blue Slime Block-Fix Aluminum Brass in AlloySmelter-change(IC2)fix electric Tree Tap recipe-change elecric Hoe to LV-add(Steves Carts, Translocator, DE)implossion compressor recipe to codeCraft Tweaker 3.2.2-GTNH-Remove other versions & Add java 8 compat-Remove MFR support; Bump version & add GTNH-Speedup - Inspired by the 1.12 version-Added Overloads-This is why i should init submodules.Electro Magic Tools the one ring as chest loot-change(EMT)change text in config-Makes the One Ring add warp to the player as well-Update a better tooltip.-wings don't boost if you sneak-mirrored change for infused chestplateEnder IO beta-Update performance profiling I found -TileEntityFurnace.getItemBurnTime(item); -is computationaly expensive. It occupied almost a cpu core forever, because NEI starts a task thread every few seconds and this line of code keep iteraing through all the furnance recipe in GTNH. -Besides, usually the result of this computation is not useful.-Add thread name check will help performance and will not influence the player.-if (!Thread.currentThread().getName().startsWith("Client Thread")) return false;-Update increase Client Side ItemConduit performance. (20% fps increase if have 100 - 200 item conduit in render area, these are lag-spikes.)-EnderIO Conduits are very laggy, partly because Redstone/fluid/gas Conduits causing RenderChunks re-render back and forth. But if there is only one ItemConduit in the bundle, it is pretty sure that we only need to re-render ItemConduit near the player , because only player's behavior range (5) can change the shape of ItemConduit. -But if there is another conduit in the bundle, the re-render is not sure because Redstone conduit in the bundle might needs to re-render in any time. So in this case I left to default.-Hide in NEI-Change fused quartz blast resistance 2000 -> 20-Ignore dead entities-Added forestry sapling support to farm station Cherry picked & backported from 1b242dc2d786b8c1fb545845768faa1f6c15818a-Initial support for channels on EnderFluidConduits-This is pretty basic support for channels. There's plenty of room for optimizations in the network logic.-Add round-robin button to ender conduit-Update * Fix missing } after merge-Make icons explicitly reference the fields from ItemConduit.-Sync settings layouts for fluid conduits and item conduitsEnhanced Loot Bags 1.0.4-Fix above max stack size ItemStack being givenEternal Singularity-1.0.4b-Fixed: easyMode. Compound Singularities.Extra Cells 2.4.6b9-review fix-fix ec2 voiding some part of items when inserting in more than one slots-Enable early regex detection, so that split would not break them.-fixed driver detection code-fix fluid terminal scroll event-backported Oredictionary Export Bus extended pattern matching updated ThaumicEnergistics integration downgrade ae version for build in jenkins-Update zh_CN.langForestry IC2-Crop-Module (Uranium)-Changed Lang repo-updated lang submoduleGadomancy research needed for armor disguise-commented out laggy codeGalacticraft 3.0.22-GTNH-full-feat(Galacticraft)New Oxygen Tank-first attemp to add new bigger Oxygen Tank-fix(Galacticraft)adding missing Container item texture-fix(Glacticraft)Tanks, Capacity-fix rendering Oxygen Tanks left, right-change Canister capacity 900 to 1000-Update performance profiling, this is an important Server Lag spike-(Server totally no response for 3s in every 30s, even in SSP), -because of the function it calls has many for's and IOs, and this kind of file-saving for should be fine in another thread.-I used this modified version for about 1 year and no problem happened.-Update performance profiling ,this reflection here occupies 3% of all the cpu time of Client Thread, resulting 3% fps drop. So this change makes fps increase by 3%.-This is a code fragment of ancient version of GC and should be removed.-fix(Gradle)exclude planet files-now planet files should be added to dev build-Update performance profiling, this change makes fps gain by 2%.-it is not useful to iterate through all the tileentities in the world in every frame, just renew it once per second is OK.-fix(Galacticraft)add import-adding missing import class-removed recipes handled by GalaxySpace-removed registration of schematics-change Moon Buggy, Cargo Rocket and Astro Miner recipes-fixed Astro Miner-reintegrated Moon Buggy, Cargo Rocket and Astro Miner recipes with chest back into the NASA workbench-NEI integration for Moon Buggy, Cargo Rocket and Astro Miner-made text in NASA Workbench visible-made setting the dimID of celestial bodies without providing a WorldProvider possible-remove setDimensionID again, did not work-Makeshift solution to bypass isCalledBy-This will drastically speed up sun brightness calculation-Remove isCalledBy. Same function moved to ModFixesGalaxySp


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