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Tony Jaas Tom-Yum-Goong: The Game Download PC Game ~UPD~

Ong Bak Tri, a video game based on Ong Bak films, was in development by Studio Hive and was to be published worldwide by Immanitas Entertainment for PC, smartphones, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Marketplace. The game was intended to be 2.5D side-scrolling brawler with "intense fighting action, impressive free-running sequences, and highly cinematic quick-time action events", according to the press release. The game, like the second and third films, was to be set in ancient Thailand. No official release date has been announced[18][19] and the project was presumably canceled.

Tony Jaas Tom-Yum-Goong: The Game Download PC Game

This issues contains a couple of top articles including an exciting new Muay Thai martial arts game from Thailand, which is none other than the official game of the film Tom Yum Goong - read all about it, watch the videos and check out the screen shots. It's exciting to see DBPro being used for such projects and again confirms its ability to handle such games. The final few days of December 2005 also saw the final release of Helios Meheness - easily one of the best shooters of the year. Grab it, play it, adore it.

What predictions do I have for 2006? Well, I expect to see DBPro hit version 6, but more importantly there will be significant changes to the Dark Game SDK. TGC as a company will continue to expand, with new staff coming onboard to help with the ever increasing workload. We will witness Windows Vista make its debut, and with it DirectX 10. Of course we'll adopt that technology, maybe with a new version of DBPro? Or maybe with a new product entirely. Who knows - we'll see how Vista pans out first, but it wouldn't surprise me if this time next year I'm announcing the first betas of a completely new Vista product based on the DB range. Nothing is definite yet, but it can be considered a forgone conclusion, i.e. will happen, it's just a matter of when. TGC has gone from strength to strength in 2005, our products continue to gain in popularity, and we are expanding into exciting new areas. This period of growth shows no signs of slowing down. We're a strong, fighting-fit and successful company, and we'll embrace 2006 with the same vigour and drive as every other year. What is more - you all appear to be doing the same. Last year saw some of the best DBPro games yet created. I expect this year to bring us more wonders.

Right about now you may be wondering what any of this has to do in a TGC newsletter? The reason for its inclusion is that the official game of the film Tom Yum Goong was created in DarkBASIC Professional by Wasin Pirom and his Thai DB team 'Game No Limit'. You may remember we reported on their previous hit game Pan Pan 3D back in Issue 30 of the newsletter. Well they've certainly been busy since then! We managed to catch up with Wasin after a 3 month tour of Thailand promoting the Tom Yum Goong game, for this exclusive interview.

"The game was created in DarkBASIC Professional 5.7 and is based on the plot of the action film Tom Yum Goong. It is a 3D beat-em-up game, where the player takes on the role of Kham and can use Muay Thai fighting skills to defeat the mafia and recover the stolen elephants. We filmed Tony Jaa performing all of his various fighting moves and real actions (walking, kicking, jumping, punching, etc). Then our 3D animators studied this footage and accurately copied the moves into the game. All of the games characters move fluidly, jumping over walls, punching and kicking as expected, and all of it was animated by hand! There are over 30 different Muay Thai movements."

Tom Yum Goong: The Game is enjoying fantastic sales and reviews in Thailand. The demo has been downloaded over 92,000 times at the time of writing this article, with 90%+ people rating it as "Great", which may also explain sales of over 30,000 units in the first 3 months alone. It is not often that we see a beat-em-up game created in DarkBASIC, they are probably one of the hardest genres to create well thanks to all of the media and animation required, but Wasin and his team have certainly pulled it off. We have got two videos you can download and watch, one is a trailer for the game including plenty of game footage, the other is an interview (behind the scenes) look at the making of the title. Unfortunately this is all in Thai and there are no English sub-titles yet, but you can still watch the amazing footage to get an idea of what the game is like to play and how much work it took to create.

"It began about 5 years ago. I knew I wanted to develop my own PC game, so probably like most people I started searching on Google and I found! I downloaded the trial and after 2 weeks of playing with it I bought myself the full version, it was DarkBASIC 1.09 back then. Over the next two to three months I worked hard on 'Thai Ghost 3D', a first person style shooting game. The full Thai title translated to 'Genius Exterminates Ghosts' and the game inserts various Thai culture elements such as the ancient wall of the old town, and the pagoda. During play the ghosts can appear instantly, heightening the anxiety in the player. Each ghost had a unique set of Artificial Intelligence routines, so they can think by themselves which forces the player to increase their own thinking and planning."

"After releasing Thai Ghost I opened the 3D Games Development course at the Net Design Institute, and also opened the DarkBASIC Thai Community web site at The NetDesign Institute is regarded as the best Multimedia and Animation School in Thailand, and today it has 10 branches. I work with my students in the Siam Square Branch, in Bangkok."

"In my game development course I teach my students all aspects of game design step-by-step. From programming, computer graphics, sound, AI and production to marketing and promotion. During my course the students can make games in any style they like, from a first person shooter to 3D RPGs. Today I have taught over 200 students, and each one has made their own game. As a teacher I wanted to demonstrate to my students my own ability, so in 2004 I set-up IYARA Entertainment Corporation to make PC games for children. Our first title was PanPan 3D: PanPan in Wonderland, and it has achieved much success in Thailand. We then moved onto making the Tony Jaa game Tom Yum Goong, but now that is finished we are hard at work on a new title called 'Yuth' which is a 3D RTS game in the style of Dynasty Wars on the PS2."

Competition - Retro InnovationTo culminate with holiday season and the start of 2006 (which is already shaping up to be a massive year for PB), we have announced our first game making competition. The competition focuses upon breathing new life into those 8 or 16bit Atari or Commodore classics and is open to all budding game authors out there. Show Me Competition Guide Lines / Prize Information

Some of you may be wondering why Aliencodec decided to sell their company to The Game Creators. The reason is that they felt they had spent long enough building 'game making' tools, and instead wanted to concentrate on actually making games. So we wish them all the best in this endevour.

Before you skip over this tutorial, thinking you dont have the toolsstop! All you need is a text editor installed; you dont even need Dark Basic Professional! Scripting is all about hiding the engine from the designer, and letting them change the gameplay using simple code with a fast turnaround. In this vein, this tutorial does not need you to write any Dark Basic code, but you will still be making things happen.

If you open up the script for the first example, you will see that the function is virtually empty. It simply sets the angle and speed to 0 go nowhere and look straight ahead. Lets improve this slightly. Run example 2 which sets the speed to 2 units. Without changing our game engine, we now have a flying butterfly, and all we had to do was change a single value in our script! Admittedly, our butterfly is still a long way from being considered intelligent. The first corner stops him in his tracks, and he hits the wall.

Using the complete Script 4, example 5 has been produced. To reinforce the fact that the engine cannot think for itself, a different map has been used. This also has junctions with more than one option, and uses additional LUA libraries, included in Unity, to make random choices on the path to take. Moreover, it has dead ends, which present an additional problem that wasnt necessarily considered when the script was first written, and required additional coding after the engine was finalised. If you want to take this further, why not consider implementing acceleration and deceleration around corners? You could even write out data to a file that allows you to map the level using the feedback given by the engine. This would be very similar to using the Fog Of War technique seen in games like Warcraft, but in this case you could apply it to levels that have never been seen before.

The FPS Pro HUD Packs gives you 14 unique HUDs to use in your games. The designs range from sleek Sci-Fi to rough dense War-like ones. If you do not have the skills or just want a professional looking HUD for your game then this pack is for you. Features: 14 Unique designed HUDs. Many different numeric styles that go well with the HUDs. Installer to put your HUDs into the correct directory. Instructions on installing and coordinates for the HUDs. Visit the web siteHalf-Life 2 Zombie ModelFPSC Forum Member bond1 spent an evening rigging the Zombie model from Half Life 2 and blending the mocap data so it fitted into FPS Creator. He then made the work available for a free download in the forum thread he started about this. Of course you can't use the model in your own commercial games (because its copyright Valve), but it is a very good example of animation use all the same. Visit the forum thread.

On the FPSC Forum SarusX posted some great looking screen shots from an FPSC game. Set in the year 2035, you play as a mercenary working for Athena Contractors, a powerful international conglomerate of bond agencies and special operations dealers. Athena is hired to investigate the secretive Hammon Corporation, who holds strong ties in the United States Government. The story continues to sink you deeper and deeper into international conspiracy as you attempt to bring down Hammon Corp. Well, we don't know how the plot will translate into gameplay, but the shots look nice anyway! Check them out. 041b061a72


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