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Social media doesn't have to be a negative experience. A lot of positive can come from it. When done safely, it can help expand someone's social circles - allowing you to make friends with people beyond the comfort of your little community. It can allow children or teenagers to converse with family members that might not live nearby, fostering important relationships. It can be used to encourage an interest in art or music, by allowing (if managed properly) a child's creativity to be demonstrated to the public. But it can have its downsides, as well...

For all of the good that can come from technology, the Internet, and social media... a lot of bad things can come too. We'll touch on a few important issues that parents and tech-savvy teens should be aware of, before putting themselves out in the public eye.

According to research conducted by Justin Patchin and Sameer Hinduja of the Cyberbullying Research Center, the number of cyberbullying incidents have nearly doubled in the last decade alone. (Cyberbullying Research Center). But what is cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is defined as the use of electronic mediums (such as email, texting, or social media) to bully an individual, and it's definitely on the rise. According to research performed by the Center for Disease Control, bullying - especially cyberbullying - has been linked to an increase in mental health issues amongst children and teenagers, and often leads to children having difficulties with adjusting to a school environment, or learning how to socialize properly. And, worse, cyberbullying has been linked to a worrying increase in suicide and suicidal ideation amongst children and teenagers. (Bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide.) I've, professionally, worked with, and seen the aftermath of, the suicide of a 12 year old girl brought on in large part due to cyberbullying.

What makes this form of bullying worse than the traditional forms of bullying is that technology provides a sort of barrier between the bully and the victim. This can often lead to the victim not even knowing the true identity of the bully, and also allowing the bully to simply create another account and continue bullying the victim in the event the victim takes steps to block the bully. Social Media is also very public; no longer are we confined to our school peers at a local level, but the world is our stage. In many cases, a teenager's social presence is one of the most important aspects of their life, so this is particularly damaging, and it can often bleed over into their away-from-keyboard life in the real world.

If bullying wasn't bad enough, we have to also worry about sexual predators who use Social Media as their primary hunting grounds. Child rapists will often utilize Social Media to lure unsuspecting children to them, or will spend months or even years grooming a child or teenager to prepare them for some form of sexual assault. In almost every case of an online sexual predator encounter in the real world, the child or teen has willingly gone to meet with the sexual predator. Unfortunately, due to the lack of concern or knowledge about good OPSEC amongst teenagers, sexual predators will come armed with all of the information they need to manipulate their victim. We'll cover OPSEC (an industry term - Operations Security), PII (Personally Identifiable Information), and OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) later in the article.

If that sounds like a lot, that is probably because it is. That's a lot of hard-hitting technical jargon originally developed by the military, and later adopted within the private sector. But it can be broken down into an easier-to-understand way of thinking about it for teens and parents alike, and how that is done is very simple: Think of the threats you may face online, and then identify information you might be giving away that would permit that threat to become a reality. We've already discussed a few threats right here in this article: Child predators, computer hackers, and cyberbullies. The aforementioned information you might be giving away is what's known as:

Take time to consider your own reputation as well. The Internet is forever. Think before you type. If you're angry, take thirty seconds to think before you hit that Enter button. Is the message you're about to send something you'd want your future boss to see? Is it worth destroying your reputation before you even get started in life? Once you hit Enter and send that message or post out through the Intertubes, it is there forever. Even if you think you've deleted it, chances are some automated crawler has already archived it and made it available for everyone online to see. That message might come back to haunt you in one, five, or even fifteen years from now. Take a note from Google's old mantra: "Don't be evil." 041b061a72


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